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Plumbing Wholesalers

San Antonio Winnelson
Rep: Weldon Jackson
Phone: 210.826.0616
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Ferguson San Antonio
Rep: John Boyers
Rep: Douglas Trimble
Phone: 210.344.4950
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Hughes Supply – Rittiman
Rep: Brad Silver
Rep: Randy Beck
Phone: 210.590.1291
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National Wholesale Supply, Inc.
Rep: Gary Haecker
Rep: Billy Musick
Phone: 210.293.0850
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Moore Supply Co.
Rep: Joel Kempf
Phone: 210.342.9612
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Morrison Supply Company
Rep: Darin Mueller
Rep: Kevin Guinter
Phone: 210.344.4436
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Plumbing Manufacturers

Moen, Inc.
Rep: Bill Gibbons
Phone: 210.860.7177
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Rep: Mike Frizzle
Phone: 210.771.3195
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Heat&Treat of South Texas, LLC
Rep: Glenn Johnson
Phone: 210.509.7638
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Plumbing Manufacturer’s Representatives

Alamo Crane Service, Inc.
Rep: Doug Meunchow
Phone: 210.344.7370
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Albert Sterling & Assoc.
Rep: Steve Schneider
Phone: 210.349.9828
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Champions Marketing
Rep: Mark Stumhoffer
Phone: 512.797.1107
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Dillard Assoc.
Rep: Mark Boyd
Phone: 210.824.4881
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Hugh Cunningham
Rep: Ronnie Hurst
Phone: 512.845.3528
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Mena & Assoc.
Rep: John Tischler
Phone: 512.426.1803
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Miller Mays & Assoc.
Rep: Manny Hernandez
Phone: 210.789.3560
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MRK Manufacturer Sales
Rep: Doug Rihn
Phone: 210.710.0200
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PEPCO Sales & Marketing
Rep: Brittany Moreland
Phone: 512.587.6856
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Rep: Buster Williams
Rep: Mike Mannis
Phone: 210.710.6975
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Southwest Sales
Rep: Jeff Hall
Phone: 210.260.8773
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Steve Mechler & Assoc.
Rep: Steve Mechler
Phone: 210.545.0084
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Sunbelt Marketing
Rep: Eddie Ebehart
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Tipton Co.
Rep: Ryan Hay
Phone: 512.970.5575
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Westway Sales
Rep: Brad Hadden
Phone: 210.412.2973
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Professional Service Providers

Dept of Labor approved  – Plumbing Apprentice Program:

PHCC – San Antonio
Phone: 210.824.7422
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Backflow Prevention:

American Backflow Prevention Assoc.
Type: Education/NonProfit
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Frost Bank
Phone: 210.220.5098
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Career Training:

PHCC-Texas  (approved TSBPE provider)
Phone: 800-992-7422   Continuing Education & Specialty Classes

Concrete Products:

Comal Concrete Products

Phone: 830.060.4732
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Concrete Cutting:


Ridout Barrett CPA
Rep: Tony Ridout
Phone: 210.829.1793
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Employment Services:

Equipment Rental:

Sunstate Equipment Co.
Rep: Angie Zuniga
Phone: 210.240.9832
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GPS Services:


Federated Insurance
Phone: 501.952.9391
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Frost Insurance
Rep: Stanley Pisano
Phone: 210.220.6429
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Allison- Thompson Insurance

Insurance One
Rep: Nathan Cernosek
Phone: 210.402.0288
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Gunn Nissan Fleet
Rep: Joe Castillo
Phone: 210.496.0806
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Gunn Chevrolet Fleet
Rep: Willie Nelson
Rep: Lawrence Garza
Phone: 210.599.5000
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Ancira Chrysler/Dodge Fleet

Rep: Richard Lewis



You Name It Specialties
Rep: Terry Beck
Phone: 210.344.9906
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CPS Energy
Phone: 210.353.2886
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City of San Antonio – DSD
Rep: Michael Shannon
Rep: David Rhode
Phone: 210.207.8279
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City of Converse

Phone: 210.658.8285
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San Antonio Water Systems

Phone: 210.233.3653
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Restoration Services:

Emergency Services Restoration
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Milwaukee Electric Tool
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Plumbing Division
Loc: St. Philips College, SW Campus
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PHCC-San Antonio Plumbing Apprenticeship School

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